Last week we shared the fantastic acknowledgement teams across HTS received in the Autumn Edition of Harlow Times. Today we would like to focus on “Busting the Repairs backlog” page 7 of the Magazine.

Harlow Times quoted the overall WIP (Work in Progress) has been reduced by over 1355 jobs since 1st June, that figure has increased to 1553 since the magazine was published which also quoted 97% of tenants were satisfied with the repairs carried out. The backlog has reduced by 4157 jobs, over 77% of the total repairs. These are statistics we are extremely proud of.

We have made a huge impact all trades. Voids is an area we have excelled at over recent months, this time last year HTS had over 100 Void Properties in WIP, this figure now stands at 38. This is an outstanding achievement given the standard of some void properties we work on.

When asked Gavin Jackson, Operations Manager at HTS said “I am extremely proud of the team and all they have achieved, it hasn’t been easy, but their hard work and dedication is paying off”.

Everyone at HTS is committed to our joint priorities with Harlow Council; Fix Council Housing, Restore Pride in Harlow and Improve Council Services.

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