HTS Group Ltd

HTS Group Ltd is a Local Authority Trading Company headed up by Managing Director, John Phillips, and Non-Executive Chair of the Company Board, Michael Harrowven. Councillor Bob Davis serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of the company.

“Our experienced team are delivering excellent service and our track record proves that we have the knowledge, skills and capability to perform at a high level. Achieving our objectives continues to take sound planning, consistent leadership, collective effort, innovation and flexibility. It also requires unrelenting focus on those objectives, to measure our progress, deal with the challenges, and recognise our successes.”
Michael Harrowven, Non-Executive Chair



HTS Group Ltd was formed on 24th December 2015 with Harlow Council as the sole shareholder.



HTS Group Ltd is a LATCo (Local Authority Trading Company) acting as the commercial arm of Harlow Council to help enhance the economic wellbeing of the area and making it less reliant on Government funding. HTS was set up by Harlow Council to provide a range of environmental and property maintenance services.

In setting up a LATCo Harlow Council has created a business that can trade externally and generate income for the Council whilst delivering core services to a high standard.

Profits made by HTS are reinvested into the business and shared with the Council, thereby driving continuous improvement in service delivery whilst also enabling the Council to resource other services to the local community.

Whilst public sector resources and funding are scarce, HTS strives to help towards saving money whilst also giving the Council flexibility to meet its future financial challenges and delivering obvious benefits to the local community.

The HTS (Property and Environment) Ltd Board of directors set and deliver the strategic direction of the company, delivering best-value efficient services and encouraging activities within a framework of prudent, commercially-minded and effective controls which manage risk and reward, to be entrepreneurial and innovative in delivering acceptable returns to the Council. The Board ensures that all legal and regulatory obligations are understood and discharged and profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statement and financial position are reviewed quarterly.

The HTS (Property and Environment) Ltd Board comprises:

• Non-Executive Chair
• Councillor Director
• HTS (Property and Environment) Managing Director
• Serviced by a Company Secretary
The Board is supported by a sub-committee structure, dealing with specific activities (sub-committees have no delegated authority beyond that held by individual positions of those who may participate in such groups).

The senior management team is made up of:

• Managing Director
• Finance Director (Company Secretary)
• Operations Director
• Commercial Director
• Safety, Health, Environmental and Compliance Manager
• HR, Payroll and Communications Manager

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