Darren Marshall (HTS Heating Engineer) & Peter Green (HTS Carpenter) were representing HTS on an emergency call out when a vulnerable tenant collapsed in their hallway. After calling an ambulance, Darren & Peter stayed with the tenant keeping them safe and warm. The tenant suffered a second seizure while they were waiting with them which must have been very frightening for them all, yet these brave HTS operatives stayed by their side until professional help arrived. These actions may very well have saved this tenants life.

In addition, George Jones (HTS Heating Team) intervened to close down a dangerous gas cooker for a tenant, and also noticed excessive gas pressure coming into the property which could have been fatal if missed. Again, George stayed with this palliative care tenant while he contacted Cadent Gas Limited emergency team who arrived very quickly to resolve the issue.

JUST WOW! What amazing employees we have here at HTS. Our people are willing to go above and beyond to keep our tenants and the local community safe. We are very proud of our people.

All three employees have received huge thanks from HTS Directors, MD John Philips and the HTS Board.