Marking Out the sports fields

Every year from September until May, HTS provide football pitches across Harlow for use by the Harlow and District Football League. The number of pitches required each year may vary, depending on the needs of the football league and possible junior football needs.

The pitches are initially marked out in August, using approved white line marker paint, and are then over marked on a weekly basis throughout the football season. In June the pitches are then renovated and repaired ready for the next season. The pitches are marked across the goal line and down the touch line using the 3,4,5 triangle rule. The boxes and centre circle are then measured out and marked in.

Weekly pitch and goal post inspections are carried out to ensure the facilities are safe for the users of the pitches.

Throughout July and August, up to 4 training pitches are marked out weekly and provided for use by the football league clubs for training and friendly matches.

The grass on the pitches is cut every 10 working days from mid-March to mid-October and is then cut and rolled during the winter playing season when required.

All the sports grounds/pitches provided by HTS and Harlow Council are registered on the Sport England national data platform and are reviewed annually by HTS.