We are delighted to announce we are now the proud owners of two Beehives at our Mead Park Depot. The Hives have been installed at the top end of our carpark, carefully placed in this location to best suit the Bee’s, to protect them while they settle in their new home and to reduce the impact for employees.

The bees were collected from a swarm over 3 miles away (the required distance to relocate them safely) and were moved from their temporary accommodation in Roydon to Mead Park this week.

For those of you that don’t know a lot about Beehives.. A beehive is structure created for honeybees to serve as their home. It consists of multiple combs made of beeswax arranged vertically and parallel to each other. Each comb contains cells where bees store honey, pollen and raise their young. The hive is typically organised by a Queen Bee, Worker Bees and Drones all having an important role to play. The fencing around the hives is designed to draw the bees upwards as they are likely to spend most of their time in the trees behind them collecting pollen and keeping themselves busy.

We can’t wait until we can start to produce HTS Honey, hopefully in 2024.