Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and enquiries from local community organisations and Harlow Council, HTS have been really pleased that having sourced some PPE for our employees we have also been able to support St Clare Hospice (pictured) with some supplies of hand sanitiser and face masks, and Veolia, Rainbow Services and Harlow Council colleagues with hand sanitiser.

These organisations are working fantastically hard to provide vital services and need every bit of support that we can give them.

Leader of Harlow Council, Mark Ingall was full of praise in an interview with Yourharlow for all of our vital services such as the NHS, social care and supermarkets and HTS applaud all of the efforts being made by these organisations and their staff and of course put a big thank you out there for our own workforce.

Keep well, keep safe

John Phillips – Managing Director

On behalf of the HTS board and directors