HTS stands with Harlow Council in support of Ukraine and it’s people, as part of the town’s ongoing support for Ukraine we are sharing some links on how donations can be made to help Ukraine and its people. The council’s political leaders have issued a statement:

Councillor Russell Perrin, Leader of Harlow Council (Conservative), said:

“I am appalled by the horrific events which continue to unfold in Ukraine because of Russia’s invasion of the country. My thoughts and prayers are with Ukrainian people and those who have lost loved ones including our residents who have relatives and friends living in Ukraine. I know that the tragic events taking place in Ukraine are a concerning development for everyone including all Harlow residents. We stand alongside our neighbours and the world’s leaders in showing support for Ukraine and calling for the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine to be restored.”

Councillor Chris Vince, Leader of the Opposition on Harlow Council (Labour), said:

“The events unfolding in Ukraine are extremely shocking and I wish to send my thoughts, prayers and love to Ukrainian people and to residents from our town who have friends, family and loved ones in Ukraine. I don’t think any of us can imagine the anguish they face. As a town and council we show support for Ukrainian people and hope the sovereignty and independence of the country can be restored.”

The balcony of the Civic Centre has been lit up blue as Harlow shows it support for Ukraine and its people.

In support of Ukraine and it’s people – Support and Donations

HTS stands with Harlow Council in support of Ukraine and it’s people. As part of the town’s ongoing support we are sharing links on how donations can be made to help.

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB), is organising a co-ordinated response to buy physical things for people in Ukraine –

Ukrainian Red Cross –

UNICEF in Ukraine –

Global Support Fund (Set up by the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK) –

UKRAINIAN Army via Bank of Ukraine –

Safe Life UA –

British Red Cross –

United Nation‘s humanitarian work –

Binance Charity Fund –


In support of Ukraine and it’s people – Help and Support

Guidance on support for family members of British nationals in Ukraine, and Ukrainian nationals in Ukraine and the UK can be found:

For information on travel advice to and from Ukraine

For anyone wanting to contact loved ones in Ukraine, BT, EE and O2 are making calls, texts and data to and from the region free or removing roaming charges. Check with your phone provider for details

To make a donation towards the UN’s humanitarian work, please visit:


The news continues to be difficult to absorb right now.

Here are two links to further information and support that might help you and your family at this time:

Mind –

Information and further links for parents (via the Scouts) –