The teams at HTS have been very busy over the past 24 hours clearing trees and debris from around the town. They’re working around the clock but warn cyclists and pedestrians to take extra care in the wake of Storm Eunice.

Tim Page, HR, Payroll and Communications Manager at HTS spent a couple of hours this Saturday morning with the ‘Tree Gang’ from HTS at Broadway Avenue in Old Harlow where a tree had come down yesterday in storm Eunice, blocking access across to properties over an alley.

“I arrived at 8.00 a.m. on Saturday morning and the gang had already started to assess the job, they finished this one at 10.00 a.m. before they went off to their next job. It was a fantastic job completed by the team who were in high spirits and got their just-reward when I went and got them tea’s, coffees and bacon sandwiches before they went off to the next one, very busy few weeks for the team thanks to the storm!

I cannot praise them enough for what they did and how hard they worked well done!”

Andy Bradley, Assistant Landscape Manager who is co-ordinating the work over the weekend commented:

“We are still are having a tough one 😊. No rest for us this weekend and as the days unfold lots of work is still coming in but we avoided any injuries to the public and our staff which was our main priority. So today and tomorrow we continue catching up, I also have teams from other areas of the business clearing debris and leaf blowing the towns cycle tracks to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe but we cannot stress how important it is for cyclists and pedestrians to take extra care in the wake of the storm as there will be some trees and sections that still need clearing”.

HTS. Truly proudly serving Harlow!

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