Coronavirus – HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd – Service Delivery Update

Further to the government’s recent announcement on 10th May 2020 on the slight easing of Covid-19 lockdown rules, and following discussions with Harlow Council, HTS have been reviewing and implementing additional Covid-19 risk assessments, safe working practices on social distancing, signage, PPE, start/finish times and welfare and wellbeing facilities in line with recent government, PHE and HSE guidance.

This will allow us to resume our full-service delivery as soon and safely as practicable, adhering to risk assessments and government guidance, in order to maintain the safety of Harlow tenants and residents alongside that of HTS and Harlow Council staff.

This is subject to any restricted working practices and any Covid-19 impact on our staffing levels and this means that there will be a period of time before our normal high levels of service delivery are achieved.

Under previous government guidance we have been providing prioritised services during the first 8 weeks of the Covid-19, therefore, there will now be a period of ‘catch up’ time across many of our service areas.

For example:

Grass cutting season would normally have commenced mid-March and has a normal cycle of 14-30 days to complete grass cutting for different areas throughout Harlow, however, due to 2 months of the extra length and density, this may take slightly longer.

Repairs and maintenance have been on an emergency/prioritised basis and therefore there is a backlog of standard repairs and maintenance which will need to be completed as safely and as soon as practicable.

We would appreciate your continued patience whilst HTS return to our normal high levels of service delivery and response times over the next few months, allowing for any further government guidance and Covid-19 impact on this and whilst continuing to have the safety, health and wellbeing of the tenants and residents of Harlow and employees of HTS and Harlow Council at the centre this recovery plan.

Please keep safe and keep well!

John Phillips

Managing Director

On behalf of HTS board and directors