Coronavirus – Update 19th March 2020

We are continuing a daily review of our services to tenants and residents of Harlow, working under any government guidelines and taking into account any staffing issues and the welfare and wellbeing of tenants and our employees.

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and support during these difficult times and we are endeavouring to maintain as high a level of service as we can.

 Environmental Services

Currently all services continue to remain in place, with a slightly reduced service due to staffing levels. We may also operate some services outside of normal hours to ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

Response and Repairs Services

This service is more impacted by the government guidelines, staffing issues and the need to protect both our customers and employees, therefore, a prioritised service is in place where services will be targeted to deal with more urgent issues first and avoid unnecessary social contact.

Our Customer Services Call Centre has temporarily been relocated to remote working and you should be able to contact us as normal, however, if we can ask you to be patient if there are any short delays.

Our compliance works continue, with the prioritisation of emergency/urgent requests being attended to, and unnecessary social contact is kept to a minimum.

Non-essential repairs appointments are being postponed and rescheduled with staffing resources diverted to either the Voids programme or external repairs that will minimise unnecessary social contact.


John Phillips

Managing Director

On behalf of HTS Group Ltd