Contracts Manager Martin Scarry has shared the work his team have been undertaking over the past year.

“This year the volume of work has doubled due to covid-19. The work we have been focused on includes:

Internals – involves a large volume of kitchens and bathroom renewals as well as full central heating systems all of which are installed by contractors. Renewal of boilers which are installed by in-house HTS direct labour.

Disable Adaptions – Changing bathrooms to walk-in showers, ramps, lifts, stairlifts are to be installed and other arrangement that will greatly help and benefits people with disabilities to lead a normal life.

Compliance – This work involves inspection of wiring to properties in Harlow to determine whether remedial work or full re-wires are required.

Sumners Farm – This is a listed building which was used as offices and is in the processor being re-purposed as accommodation for people with disabilities with wet rooms, lift and easy access.

Externals – Roofs, pitched and flat which are deemed to be unable to be repaired by response, is issued to Capital Works for renewal.

Garages – Refurbishment of garages, renewing roofs, fascia’s, garage doors etc. Also demolishing of garages throughout the town.

Parking Bays – Installing new parking bays around the town to help with congestion caused by parked cars.

Paddling Pools – Work is already in full swing to refurbish the Paddling Pools in the town, ready for the Summer.

As you can see there is an enormous about of work to be completed in a limited amount of time, even though this is very challenging, with the dedication and expertise of HTS Capital Works team we should be able to achieve our goals and meet deadlines”.

Contracts Manager - Martin Scarry

Martin Scarry, Contracts Manager HTS Group