Yesterday we had the pleasure of Cllr Nicola Purse joining Stella our Operations Manager for the Environment’s site visit to Harlow Town Park. Nicola and Stella met with Tom Harlow Council’s Town Park Lead and Doug our Town Park Gardener, who spoke with real passion about the work they do and the incredible space they have the pleasure of working in.

Did you know, Harlow Town Park consists of 168 acres, has over 6000 trees (the tallest being 35m, 20 times taller than the average Christmas Tree), it is one of the largest urban parks in the country and is very proud owner of a Green Flag Award ( There are approximately 15 volunteers who provide valuable support and help to Harlow Council and HTS who we are extremely grateful for.

The entire Park is free to access and hosts a number of very popular events throughout the year giving a Community Feel and providing Social Value for residents and visitors. Events include; Park Run, Social Strollers, Dementia Groups, Rock in the Park and Harlow Council’s famous bonfire and fireworks night.

On the lead up to this years Bonfire and Fireworks night which is being held this Sunday 5th November for the 45th year, our staff are busy in the background preparing for the event which always draws large crowds. Our staff will be on hand before the fun begins helping with road closures and erecting safety fencing, during the event managing the toilet facilities and then again after the event managing the clean up operation.

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