Exciting news 🎉

We were delighted to have been asked by Harlow Council’s Town Park Management Team to assist with the delivery of a new sculpture. Our Parks Team provided and erected panels of Heras Fencing offering the utmost protection. Once the platform construction is completed the fencing will be removed, allowing the sculpture to take center stage and shine with the full visibility it deserves.

For those of you who aren’t aware, in 1953 Harlow Art Trust set out with a mission to beautify the post-war New Town of Harlow by commissioning, purchasing and siting sculpture across its public spaces. The founding members of the Trust were uncompromising in the belief that access to high quality art should be more than mere decoration: it should be part of the social fabric of everyday life and owned by the people who live and work around it. The project attracted some of the greatest artists of the 20th century, including Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Elisabeth Frink.
Today Harlow is home to an exceptional and growing collection of over 100 public artworks and a community of people passionate about its sculptural heritage with ambitious plans for the future. This is Harlow Sculpture Town. Our vision is to develop this unique urban sculpture park with and for Harlow, to offer belonging, community and purpose.

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