HTS believe that it is crucial to measure and manage the effects that its activities have on the environment. We monitor these impacts and set targets to be certain of continual improvement. We promote sustainable practice in accordance with existing regulations.


Our grass and landscaping teams cut over four million square metres of grass every year. Our work includes:

Planting and Pruning // Garden Clearance // Grass Cutting // Landscaping // Weed Control // Arboriculture (Trees)


HTS work hard to keep drains and gullies, clean, well maintained and in good working order. Our work includes:

Drains on council owned properties // Gullies Management // Flood Management // CCTV Surveys


As well as operating a waste transfer station, HTS also has a fleet of street sweepers ensuring our roads are clean, presentable and well maintained. Our work includes:

Street Cleaning // Cleaning And Caretaking Of Communal Areas // Dumped Rubbish Collection // Graffiti Removal // Litter Picking // Litter & dog bin emptying // Void Clearances // Abandoned vehicle management


Animal welfare is important to us although some animals can cause problems and upset. Our dedicated team work hard in the community to ensure animals aren’t a nuisance or causing issues. Our work includes:

Pest Control // Stray Dog Collection // Deceased Animals on Highways